1. Providing know how to governments across the world how they can eradicate and control menace of black money, tax evasion up to 99.99 % and further control effectively corruption, high price rise and inflation etc in their country in order to have zero poverty there for providing better life to everyone.

2. Commencing Research and development wing for conducting never ending innovations beyond tomorrow in the fields of Black Money, Tax Evasion, Corruption, and Delayed Justice in order to bring them at zero level in the country so as to make Nation to be prosperous in all respect.

3. Commencing a National Project in India “How corruption free speedy justice can be imparted in the country” and to develop a National Consensus in form of “A Model To Be Implemented By Government” in this regard through research and development with the help of all the three wings of government, media, civil societies, scholars, researchers, jurists, intellectuals, specialists from different fields with an optimistic view instead of pessimistic one as against our old tradition of existing judicial process.

4. Launching a free application of our latest book keeping technology to be known as ‘My Super Bank Statement’ in short ‘MY SBS’ to general public on their mobile phones. Those who do not have any knowledge of book keeping or accounting will also be able to maintain their own books of account without the help of any one, in form of manufacturing account, trading account, profit & loss account, income & expenditure account including balance sheet. Inventor of this technology is Mr. J. P. Gupta, founder of this organization, having exclusive copy rights of this technology.

5. To open an “Indian University” for imparting best and higher education to talented students of India and from abroad as well but coming only from poor families who are unable to finance their children for their higher education; without any distinction as to caste, creed, religion, colour, community, race or sex. The name of the ‘Indian University will be “Indian Golden Bird University” or “IGB University”

6. To distribute prize like Noble Prize to the Best Inventor of the World. The amount of this Prize would be slightly higher than that of Noble Prize.

7. And to do such other noble charitable works for welfare of the poor as to be decided by Board of Trustees from time to time.

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