Generation of black money is outcome of corruption, tax evasion, delayed justice, and directly proportional to poverty, that too with high inflation and high price rise in any country which make life of common citizens miserable and worst for their own existence. Even after about seven decades of independence, poverty in India is still about 60-70% instead of 6-7%.

To provide better life to everyone in the country, the government needs money. This money comes to the government in form of taxes that are imposed on citizens and business ventures in the country. But due to some dishonest citizens and corruption in the system, the government is not able to recover its full tax as against the imposed ones. For the same reasons whatever government spends in the country, it’s only between about 10-20 % reach to the right beneficiaries and the rest are pocketed by the corrupt in the country.

Once the Government is in position to recover 100% of all its taxes imposed, and invest the same with 100% utility thereof on basic infrastructure of the country, welfare and upliftment of common poor citizens; it will be a remarkable day for our India to become again a ‘GOLDEN BIRD’ with zero black money, Zero corruption, Zero tax evasion, and Zero poverty. This situation is possible even today and that too with only three things: 1- Technology. 2- Enacting the law or bringing a special ordinance in the country on the desired subject. 3- Adoption of specially designed certain methods in order to make dishonest persons to work honestly from their own.

Our research and development wing is to discover all the basic root causes for all such evils in order to have foolproof permanent modern solutions for rooting out the same with the help of the government for making a beautiful and prosperous World with all its citizens to be happy and progressive in all respect.

Zero black money is an International Organization, Non-Governmental, Non-profitable, and working through a “Public Charitable Trust”. It works for the improvement of government through Research and Development for having zero black money, zero tax evasion, zero corruption, zero poverty and zero delayed justice in order to provide better life to everyone in India and abroad. It rewards to inventors, scholars, and intellectuals. It imparts higher education to the poor and conducts other charitable works for welfare of the poor. It’s founder – Mr. J.P. Gupta is ex-banker, inventor, and writer of “HONEST WITH CIN?” – ‘World’s first unique book dealing with World’s first technology invented in India to eradicate and control menace of black money and tax evasion up to 99.99% in any country, and further to control high price rise, inflation, and corruption etc.

Till now no technology developed that can make any dishonest person to be honest one, but this technology can’

We work together with all the three agencies of the governments, media, businesses, civil societies, and citizens from their all walks of life with our Vision to ensure and make India and the whole world to be completely free from black money, tax evasion, corruption, delayed justice, and poverty as well.

Our belief is in never ending innovation beyond tomorrow for welfare of the poor, honesty, accountability, transparency, natural justice, democracy; time bound i.e. zero delayed decisions in all matters, at all levels, and in all fields; and good life to every citizen Worldwide.

Our mission is to research, develop, and make all such endeavours for taking important measures and necessary steps to be needed in this regard with the help of the government, media, businesses, civil societies, and citizens from their all walks of life, to make our Vision successful in all respect.

Please get involved, be the first to join us and work with us to make this World happy, prosperous, and peaceful.

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